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Rapid Response for Websites and Store

Rapid Response: Reconnecting with Your Audience in Real-Time

In the fast-paced digital world of today, it is important to capture visitors' details on your website or store location. Rapid Response gives marketers a way to instantly reconnect with visitors using email, direct mailing, digital and social retargeting. This service, which uses Data as a Services, collects key information from visitors who visit your website, store, competitor location, or important events. It includes names, email addresses, and other contact details. You can reach your audience quickly and effectively with a trigger-email drip campaign that begins within 15 minutes, and direct mail sent the same day.

Website or Location Based: Targeting Your Audience Where They Are

With Rapid Response, you can tailor your marketing efforts based on the specific location of your audience. Whether they visit your website or physical store, this service allows you to identify and track these visitors, providing you with valuable insights to inform your marketing strategies. Furthermore, you can even target and conquest competitor locations, gaining an edge in the market. By honing in on the location-based data, you can deliver targeted and relevant campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive higher conversions.

Incorporating Auto-Email and Direct Mail: Multi-Channel Engagement

To maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns, Rapid Response incorporates the power of auto-email and direct mail. As soon as a visitor provides their contact information, an automated email drip campaign is triggered, ensuring immediate engagement. Simultaneously, direct mail is sent on the same day, offering a tangible and personalized touchpoint. This multi-channel approach helps you reach your audience through their preferred communication channels, increasing the chances of capturing their attention and fostering a lasting connection.

Utilizing for Ongoing Campaigns: Sustained Marketing Success

Rapid Response is not just a one-time solution. This service can be effectively utilized for ongoing campaigns, allowing you to maintain a continuous connection with your audience. By consistently engaging with your visitors and leveraging the collected data, you can tailor your messaging, offers, and content to further nurture your leads and drive sales growth. Rapid Response empowers you to build strong, long-term customer relationships by providing timely and relevant communications that align with their needs and interests.

Reporting Insights: Measuring and Optimizing Your Results

To ensure the success of your marketing efforts, it is crucial to track and measure your results. Rapid Response offers reporting insights that provide you with valuable data on the effectiveness of your campaigns. By analyzing engagement metrics, such as email open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, you can gain actionable insights to refine your strategies and optimize your future marketing initiatives. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions, enhance your targeting, and continually improve your ROI.

Featured Bundle: Rapid Response Website based and Location Based options

What if you could capture the name, address, email and other key data points about your website visitors who do not fill out a form? It could be the biggest game changer of your lead development efforts!!


  • On Average, only 3% of website visitors fill out a form.
  • As an agile marketer, you know the conversion rate of your form fills.
  • So if your average monthly unique site traffic is 1,000, then that means on average, 30 people filled out a form.
  • Based on your metrics of those 30, how many would convert?
  • Based on your Average Value of an Order (AVO), you know how much this means for your business.

However – What if we were able to provide you with 30-50% of your site visitor’s contact information for lead nurturing?

  • Using our example of 1,000 unique visitors a month, you would have 30 form fills and be able to capture an additional 300-500 compliant lead sources for lead nurturing!
  • Rapid Response services include turn key service which provides an immediate launch of a drip campaign to qualified candidates, a direct mail piece to them the same mail day, and additional options to help grow your online traffic.

Special Option for location based businesses

If you or your competitors have customers visit your stores (retail, entertainment, restaurants, etc) or offices (dental, medical, med spa, legal services, etc), consider using Rapid Response for Locations.

  • Utilizes visitor device ID to identify users contact information.
  • For stores without appointments, you are able to capture and remarket to these visitors with special offers and incentives.
  • For Professional Services such as medical, legal, financial services, etc., you can target your top competitor visitors to capture market share and grow even faster!


Brick and Mortar Business Location

$ 500 / month
Redeem Now
  • Trigger Email within 15 minutes of visit
  • 4 additional follow-up emails over 2 weeks
  • Trigger Email within 15 minutes of visit



$ 800 / month
Contact Us
  • Trigger Email within 15 minutes of visit
  • 4 additional follow-up emails over 2 weeks
  • Trigger Email within 15 minutes of visit


1 Brick and Mortar Location & Website

$ 3,500 / month
Redeem Now
  • Trigger Email within 15 minutes of visit
  • 4 additional follow-up emails over 2 weeks
  • Trigger Email within 15 minutes of visit
  • Trigger Mail 6"x9" Post Card mailer (same mail day as site visit)
    up to 2,500 pcs/mo

Additional Options


  • Google Business Profile/Qtrly Review Requests (6 mo minimum)

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  • Pay Per Click (PPC)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Drive Site visitors with Media Buys (Print, TV, streaming, social, Shared Mail, digital outdoor signage, and more)
  • Pay For Performance Media
  • Creative Services
  • Technical Support - Site Refresh, Google Analytics setup, Coding, etc.
  • Facebook/Instagram Full Service Professional Management
  • Executive Dashboard Reporting
  • PR-Brand Leadership with Lead Development

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